Author: Ivan Novick

Platform Extension Framework (PXF): Enabling Parallel Query Processing Over Heterogeneous Data Sources In Greenplum

Authors: Venkatesh Raghavan, Alexander Denissov, Francisco Guerrero, Oliver Albertini, Divya Bhargov, Lisa Owen, Shivram Mani, Lav Jain Abstract: With the explosion of data stores and cloud services, data now resides across many disparate systems and in a variety of formats. When multiple data sets exist in external systems, it is often neces- sary to perform…
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Image Classification in Greenplum Database Using Deep Learning

Authors: Oliver Albertini, Divya Bhargov, Alexander Denissov, Francisco Guerrero, Nandish Jayaram, Nikhil Kak, Ekta Khanna, Orhan Kislal, Arun Kumar, Frank McQuillan, Lisa Owen, Venkatesh Raghavan, Domino Valdano, Yuhao Zhang Abstract: Artificial neural networks can be used to create highly accurate models in domains such as language processing and image recog- nition. For example, convolutional neural…
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Bottom-up Join Enumeration in a Top-down Optimizer

Authors: Bhuvnesh Chaudhary, Hans Zeller, Sambitesh Dash, Venkatesh Raghavan MAPBU, VMWare Palo Alto CA, USA Abstract: Greenplum Database is a massively parallel processing (MPP) analytics database that adopts a shared-nothing architecture with multiple cooperating processors. A query submitted to the Greenplum master is optimized by the Orca query optimizer [7] which is based on state-of-the-art…
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Large Chinese Bank’s Successful TD to GP Migration

Today I used Google Translate to read this phenomenal success case of TD to GP by one of the world’s largest banks with CN¥23.22 trillion $3.375 trillion of total assets (2018). They are based in China and have a good relation with the GP community. The full text of the article in Chinese is here…
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Pivotal Greenplum v6 Changes and New Features

Greenplum Database version 6 has released its beta release in March 2019 and the community of users is eagerly awaiting the huge release as a GA 6.0.0 which is pending according to community communications in about end of June time frame (plus/minus). Greenplum Database 6 is packed with new features some of the eye catching…
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Install Greenplum Database on GCP!

Today i decided to try installing Greenplum Database on GCP via the marketplace offering from Pivotal on the Google Cloud Marketplace. The whole process was seamless and took about 10 minutes to build a cluster with 1 master and 4 worker nodes. From the bookkeeping side, i had to create my GCP project to handle…
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PGConf Brasil 2018: Sao Paulo

Yes Pivotal is a Platinum Sponsor and will be presenting at the PGConf Brasil event this year!  We have a strong Greenplum community in Brazil with large users in the financial, telecomunications and government sectors.     PGConf Brasil 2018 – English Version

Greenplum 6, Devevelopment Updates, Jan 2018

Greenplum v5 launched in September 2017 and the Greenplum developers have been hard at work since then on the next major version, V6, Code Name Mars, which is slated to release September 2018. In this post I will provide some high level updates on new developments on the V6 code line. PostgreSQL 8.4 merge has…
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Optimizing Greenplum Performance

Greenplum Database is a MPP relational database based on the Postgres Core engine.  It is used for data warehousing and analytics by thousands of users around the world for business critical reporting, analysis, and data science. Optimizing performance of your Greenplum system can ensure your users are happy and getting the fastest responses to all…
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Install Greenplum OSS on Ubuntu

About Greenplum Database Greenplum Database is an MPP SQL Database based on PostgreSQL.  Its used in production in hundreds of large corporations and government agencies around the world and including the open source has over thousands of deployments globally. Greenplum Database scales to multi-petabyte data sizes with ease and allows a cluster of powerful servers…
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