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Big Data in Healthcare: Revolutionizing Patient Care with AI

Author | Joe Smith In recent years, the healthcare industry has witnessed a tremendous surge in data volume. This data originates from various sources, encompassing patient health records, electronic devices, genomics, medical imaging and more. Simultaneously, advancements in computational power have enabled the processing of vast amounts of

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Scaling SQL Server is a common challenge many organizations face as data grows. SQL Server, a relational database management system developed by Microsoft, is widely used for storing and managing data in a relational format. However, as data grows, SQL Server may reach its size limit, and customers

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Cloudifying Enterprise Data Analytics with VMware Tanzu Greenplum and Cloudian Object Storage

by Amit Rawlani, Director Technology Alliances & Solutions, Cloudianwith technical assistance from Gang Yan, Sr. Product Manager, VMware Enterprise data analytics architectures based on traditional data warehouse platforms–running on appliances and/or traditional storage infrastructure solutions–cannot keep up with the scale, speed, or efficiency required by dynamic enterprises. They can also get

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Large Chinese Bank’s Successful TD to GP Migration

Today I used Google Translate to read this phenomenal success case of TD to GP by one of the world’s largest banks with CN¥23.22 trillion $3.375 trillion of total assets (2018). They are based in China and have a good relation with the GP community. The full text

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Enabling Agile Data Analysis with AWS and Greenplum

Enabling Agile Data Analysis with AWS and Greenplum Business Problem At Pivotal we get to work with many customers who are looking to adopt an agile approach to how they develop and deploy applications.  For applications, this is done by utilizing continuous integration with products like Pivotal Cloud

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IoT, CEP, storage and NATS in between. Part 1 of 3.

Intro Hello, my name is Dmitry Dorofeev, I’m a software architect working for Luxms Group. We are a team of creative programmers touching technology which moves faster than we can imagine these days. This blog post is about building a small streaming analytics pipeline which is minimalistic, but

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Conquering your database workloads using WLM

Conquering Your Database Workloads Howard Goldberg – Executive Director,  Morgan Stanley,  Head of Greenplum engineering 1  Introduction Everyone has been in some type of traffic delay, usually at the worst possible time. These traffic jams result from an unexpected accident, volume on the roadway, or lane closures forcing

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Pivotal Greenplum: Life in a Vacuum by Howard Goldberg

Vacuuming your home is a laborious task that you would rather not do.  However, vacuuming your home is an essential chore that must be done. The same is true for vacuuming the catalog in a Pivotal Greenplum database (“Greenplum”). The proper maintenance and care is required for the

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