APJ Tanzu Data Tour —— a series of live sessions

While we can’t get together in person to discuss, share and shape the future of advanced data technologies, we can still learn from each other online! Join us at the APJ Tanzu Data Tour, for a series of live sessions each month to discuss the latest developments in

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Greenplum Hackday 2021

Come and hack Greenplum and win prizes. On Friday, Apr 16th, we are having a hackday for Greenplum around the world. The theme would be anything related to Greenplum: use Greenplum, market Greenplum, break Greenplum, hack Greenplum or do anything related to Greenplum When Friday, Apr 16th 2021

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Launch! Greenplum Hardware Goes Open Source

Today, we unveil the first massively parallel postgres data warehouse to open source across both software and hardware. In 2015, we launched the world’s first open source MPP data platform. I am happy to announce that we are also sharing Greenplum’s infrastructure. In 2015 we said the future was

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Greenplum Summit Week 4: Parallel Postgres

Author: Bob Glithero For over 15 years, Greenplum has solved the problem of parallelizing Postgres for high-performance querying and analysis of data at massive scale.  In Week 4 of the Greenplum Summit, after a brief interlude for a discussion with Heimdall Data, we shift gears a bit to

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Greenplum Summit Preview: Run Greenplum Your Way

Why is Greenplum so popular? A few factors leap to mind: It’s backed by a thriving open source community Massively parallel data analytics performance Multi-cloud, Infrastructure-native support This third item is the focus of our first set of talks at Greenplum Summit (sign-up here). We wanted to preview

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Happy Holidays Greenplum Community

It’s been more than 10 years since my first involvement in the Greenplum Data Platform and rarely a day goes by that a colleague, a customer, a competitor, or most importantly a user – reminds me why it was a great decision then and an even better decision

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