Maximise your Data’s Potential – Any Way, Anywhere with Tanzu Greenplum

Learn how you can exploit your data to drive business outcomes through geospatial, graph, text and predictive analytics on Tanzu Greenplum – a massively scalable data platform, deployable anywhere – on-premises, in public or private clouds.

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“Managing and exploiting data and analytics ecosystem”, along with “coping with ever-increasing demand and need for impact” are called out as two focus areas in Gartner’s 2022 Leadership Vision for Data and Analytics Leaders report. Picking the right tools from the current complicated data landscape will be critical in reducing risks and inefficiencies in your organisations’ data management.

Attend this session to learn how predictive analytics can be applied across any use including customer churn and fraud detection, with Greenplum to achieve:

  • Scalable Analytics – The ability to move from a laptop to petabytes with the same code
  • Analyse all your Data – Combine your structured and unstructured Data in a single query using common SQL
  • Flexible Deployment – On-premises, in public or private clouds

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