Large Chinese Bank’s Successful TD to GP Migration

Today I used Google Translate to read this phenomenal success case of TD to GP by one of the world’s largest banks with CN¥23.22 trillion $3.375 trillion of total assets (2018). They are based in China and have a good relation with the GP community. The full text of the article in Chinese is here and part 2 here.

Some interesting clips i got out of Google Translate are listed below:

The construction of CCB’s data platform from Teradata to Greenplum started quite a long time ago. This article refers to Teradata’s migration to Greenplum’s first phase, starting in December 2016, and officially starting in March 2017, September 2017. The migration was completed and the upper application system was officially switched in November 2017.  

Since the TD adopts an all-in-one machine and the system is relatively closed, it does not conform to the new-generation construction principle, so it is necessary to find an open data processing product based on x86. After thorough research, selection testing, and expert review, it was finally determined that GreenPlum was adopted in the next generation of big data processing products.

Before the start of the migration, complex systems such as anti-money laundering often had delays in filing, and in severe cases, even delayed for more than a week. It is imperative to improve the timeliness of anti-money laundering supervision. In this context, the center and office leaders decided to start the TD migration GP’s “Long March Tour”.

At that time, the leaders chose anti-money laundering as the first phase of the relocation work, because the delay in anti-money laundering was relatively large, and it was a more important and complicated system. If the migration is completed, it will not only improve the timeliness of the anti-money laundering system, but also a large number of Reduce the pressure on the TD database! In order to achieve the effect of migration more completely, we have chosen a whole migration plan from source data access, warehouse processing, and anti-money laundering basic data processing .

Its a great story, all in all, with many technical details and it seems Google translate is doing quite a good job if you can’t read Chinese, just click on the links and use your browser translation feature to read the story:

Part 1:

Part 2: