What is Greenplum?

1.5 Minutes

Greenplum Fundamentals

Marshall Presser | 15 Minutes

Hello Greenplum

Bradford Boyle | 40 Minutes

The Origin of Greenplum Database

Ivan Novick, Scott Yara, Luke Lonergan | 15 Minutes

Greenplum Tutorial for Beginners

Ivan Novick | 100 Minutes

Greenplum Architecture


Greenplum 5: Proven, Open-Source, Multi-Cloud Data ...

Jacque Istok | 20 Minutes

Introducing Greenplum 5

Ivan Novick | 35 Minutes

Roadmap Update 2019

Ivan Novick | 60 Minutes

Data Warehousing With Greenplum

Marshall Presser | E-Book

What is a Data Warehouse?

Jacque Istok | 20 Minutes

Scaling Postgres for Analytics

Jacque Istok, Ivan Novick | 60 Minutes

Usage and DBA Skills

What it Meant to be a MPP DBA

Pravin Rao and Randy Willard | 30 Minutes

About Redundancy and Failover in Greenplum


Starting and Stopping Greenplum Database


Greenplum pSQL Client

Michael Goddard | 20 Minutes

Greenplum Data Definition Language

Michael Goddard | 30 Minutes

Greenplum Storage Consideration

Michael Goddard | 30 Minutes

Understanding Data Distribution with Greenplum

Dr. Venkatesh Raghavan | 12 Minutes

Distribution and Skew


Greenplum Polymorphic Storage

Keaton Adams | 4 Minutes

Default Storage Options

Pivotal Guru | Article

Greenplum Table Compression

Keaton Adams | 10 Minutes

Greenplum Database SQL Joins: Overview and Demo

Michael Goddard | 20 Minutes

Going Beyond Structured Data with Greenplum

Pravin Rao | Blog

Using Resource Groups


Optimizing Performance of Greenplum

Yon Lew |

 60 Minutes

Backup and Restore Overview

Oak Barrett | Blog

Configuring Client Authentication


Creating and Managing Databases


Creating and Managing Schemas


How to Integrate GPDB with Hadoop, Spark and GemFire

Kong Chan | 40 Minutes

Introduction to PXF


Accessing Hadoop with PXF


Accessing Azure, Google Cloud Storage and Others with PXF


Accessing an SQL Database with PXF (JDBC)


Loading Data with gpload


Altered States: Greenplum Alter Table Command

Howard Goldberg | Blog

Core in Depth

Using Indexes in Greenplum Database




WITH Querie


Working with JSON Data


High Concurrency, Low Latency Index Lookups with GPDB

Cyrille Lintz, Dino Bukvic, Gianluca Rossetti | Blog

About Greenplum Query Processing


Understanding the Internals of GPOrca Optimizer

Xin Zhang | 60 Minutes

Orca: A Modular Query Optimizer Architecture for Big Data

Mohamed A. Soliman et al. | Article

Advanced Analytics

Machine Learning, Graph, Text, Geospatial Analytics on Greenplum

Frank McQuillan, Bharath Sitaraman | 38 Minutes

Geospatial Analytics at Massive Scale

Ivan Novick | 60 Minutes

Introducing Pivotal Greenplum GPText 3.0

Bharath Sitaraman  | 15 Minutes

Analytics for Synthetic Fraud

Bob Glithero  | 10 Minutes

Greenplum for Insider Threats –– Lateral Movement Detection

Bob Glithero | 3 Minutes

Running R Data Science Workloads in Greenplum

Woo Jung | 60 Minutes

Neural Networks on Greenplum with Apache MADlib

Frank McQuillan  | 3 Minutes

Deep Learning with Greenplum

Frank McQuillan  | 35 Minutes

Pivotal Greenplum PL/Container

Jack Wu | 35 Minutes

The MADlib Analytics Library or MAD Skills, the SQL

Joseph Hellerstein et al.  | Article

Greenplum Advanced Analytics Course


Greenplum Advanced Analytics Course on Github


Deployment and Environment

So You Want to Build a Greenplum

Scott Kahler | 60 Minutes

Greenplum Deployment in the Wild

Jacque Istok | 60 Minutes

Introduction to Greenplum Building Blocks

Jacque Istok | 10 Minutes

Greenplum for Kubernetes: Bringing Cloud DB On-Prem

Oz Basarir | 5 Minutes

Greenplum in Action on Cloud Platforms

Jon Roberts | 20 Minutes

Greenplum on Azure Marketplace: Deployment

Jon Roberts | 2 Minutes

Greenplum on AWS Marketplace: Deployment

Jon Roberts | 4 Minutes

Netezza to Greenplum: The Easiest and Best Migration

Jacque Istok | 20 Minutes

Install Greenplum OSS on Ubuntu

Ivan Novick | Blog

Cloud Marketplace Versions

Azure Deployment

Greenplum Channel | 3 Minutes

Greenplum Cloud gpsnap create

Greenplum Channel | 1 Minute

Greenplum Cloud gpsnap restore

Greenplum Channel | 2 Minute

Greenplum Cloud gpoptional

Google Cloud Platform

AWS Deployment

Greenplum Channel | 4 Minutes

Self Healing on AWS

Michael Goddard and Jon Roberts | 11 Minutes

Snapshots for HA/DR

Ji Lim | 2 Minutes

Greenplum on Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform

Greenplum Cloud gprelease

Greenplum Channel | 3 Minutes