Pivotal Greenplum v6 Changes and New Features

Greenplum Database version 6 has released its beta release in March 2019 and the community of users is eagerly awaiting the huge release as a GA 6.0.0 which is pending according to community communications in about end of June time frame (plus/minus).

Greenplum Database 6 is packed with new features some of the eye catching include upgrading the core Postgres version from 8.3 to 9.4, Replicated Tables, Massive OLTP Performance Gains on concurrent update and deletes to HEAP tables, faster and more efficiencient data compression using zStandard algorithm, Disk Quotas, JSONB data type, Text and JSON indicing with GIN Indices, Column Level Security, improvements to Query Optimization and Execution and much more.

One of the employees @ Pivotal has recently created a presentation on the user facing technical changes between Pivotal Greenplum version 5 and Pivotal Greenplum version 6. That presentation can be found here!

Stay on the look out for more content and information as the GA of GPDB v6 Approaches.

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