10 Examples of Compression Enablement in Greenplum

Author | Wen Lin Introduction Greenplum is an open-source, massively parallel data warehouse designed for analytics and AI applications. Efficient data compression is vital in Greenplum to reduce storage space and improve query performance. Greenplum offers several techniques for compressing data, reducing storage costs, and improving query performance.

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Parallel Restore and Partitioned Tables in GPDB

Author | Andrew Repp The release of Greenplum Database 7 (GPDB7) brings with it many new features, and each of them requires some thought to make sure we get the most out of them. Today, I want to talk about the tweaks we on the Greenplum Kernel team

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Best Tools for Big Data Analytics

Author | Joe Smith In the increasingly digitized and data-driven business world, understanding and harnessing the power of big data is not just advantageous – it’s essential. Big data analytics tools provide the technology to extract, analyze, and leverage valuable insights from colossal datasets, leading to smarter decision-making

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How to Play Python3 with GPDB6

We recently released GreenplumPython, a Python library that allows users to interact with Greenplum or PostgreSQL in a Pythonic way. GreenplumPython provides a pandas-like table API that is familiar and intuitive to Python users. GreenplumPython is making it powerful for performing complex analyses such as statistical analysis with

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How to implement TPC-H queries with GreenplumPython

A quick demonstration and examples. TPCH benchmark   TPC-H is a benchmark developed to evaluate the performance of large-scale SQL and relational databases by the execution of sets of queries. It has 22 queries against a standard database under controlled conditions. These queries: Give answers to real-world business questions

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Cloudifying Enterprise Data Analytics with VMware Tanzu Greenplum and Cloudian Object Storage

by Amit Rawlani, Director Technology Alliances & Solutions, Cloudianwith technical assistance from Gang Yan, Sr. Product Manager, VMware Enterprise data analytics architectures based on traditional data warehouse platforms–running on appliances and/or traditional storage infrastructure solutions–cannot keep up with the scale, speed, or efficiency required by dynamic enterprises. They can also get

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White Paper: Heimdall Proxy for Greenplum Databases

Companies that have deployed Greenplum databases may experience challenges from inefficient application interaction. They include: High connection counts Duplicate queries Ensuring business continuity for your database The Heimdall Database Proxy addresses these issues by improving performance, reliability, and security operations. Deployment of the proxy does not require application

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