Open-Source Projects

Here are the key components of Greenplum Database, which are open to the community for contribution.
If you have any new requests or new ideas on the open-source project, reach out to us on GitHub!

Greenplum Database

The Greenplum Database (gpdb) code base (repo) is the Greenplum Database server-side repo that implements an open-source PostgresSQL-based MPP database.


Diskquota project aims to enhance the disk space management function of Greenplum Database. It implements disk space quota management based on various database objects such as schema and role.


PXF is a general framework for Greenplum Database to connect and access external data, such as HDFS files, HIVE tables and HBase.


PL/Container uses Docker container technology to provide a secure and customizable runtime environment for the procedural language of Greenplum Database. Users can use PL/Container to create and modify user-defined functions (UDF) based on untrusted language.

gpbackup & gprestore

They are Greenplum Database Backup and Restore utilities. Includes a pluggable storage API, and plugins such as the gpbackup_s3_plugin which allows for Greenplum Database to be backed up and restored from s3 compatible file systems.


GreenplumPython is a Python library that enables the user to interact with Greenplum in a Pythonic way.

Apache MADlib

Apache MADlib is an open-source distributed database-based machine learning algorithm library that supports Greenplum Database and PostgresSQL. It can perform native data analysis, machine learning modeling and other functions.

How to Contribute to Our Projects

We welcome developers to contribute to the Greenplum Database code base. To get started, here are some items you can check out:

  • Read Code of Conduct. We expect this code of conduct to be honored by everyone who participates in the Greenplum Database community formally or informally, or claims any affiliation with the project, in any activities and especially when representing the Greenplum Database project, in any role.
  • Sign our Contributor License Agreement in Github
  • Start from issues with ‘help wanted’ label in code base
  • Contact Greenplum Security Team ( to report a security vulnerability
  • Learn more about the code of Greenplum in this wiki