Avoiding subtransaction overflow in GPDB6

Author | Soumyadeep Chakraborty Subtransaction overflow can really bring a cluster to it’s knees, if coupled with long running transactions. It manifests when any given backend creates more than 64 subtransactions in any given transaction that it runs. This can happen on the master as well as primaries.

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OLTP workload performance improvement in Greenplum 6

Greenplum 6 contains multiple optimizations for OLTP scenarios, greatly improving the performance of simple query, insert, delete, and update operations in high concurrent situations. These improvements include: Updating the PostgreSQL kernel version to 9.4. This update brings a new set of features while also improving the overall performance

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Pivotal Greenplum v6 Changes and New Features

Greenplum Database version 6 has released its beta release in March 2019 and the community of users is eagerly awaiting the huge release as a GA 6.0.0 which is pending according to community communications in about end of June time frame (plus/minus). Greenplum Database 6 is packed with

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GPExpand improvement in Greenplum 6.0

Gpexpand is a cluster expansion tool for Greenplum. It can provide more storage space and computing capacity by adding new hardware to an existing cluster. First its important to understand that a Greenplum cluster consists of many database segments. You can think of segments as the individual postgres

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Greenplum 6, Devevelopment Updates, Jan 2018

Greenplum v5 launched in September 2017 and the Greenplum developers have been hard at work since then on the next major version, V6, Code Name Mars, which is slated to release September 2018. In this post I will provide some high level updates on new developments on the

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