Greenplum v7

Partition in Greenplum 7: What’s New

(Co-authored by Alexandra Wang) Greenplum 7 is a huge milestone for partitioned tables. Besides several improvements and fixes, this is the first Greenplum version that will be aligned with partitioned tables from PostgreSQL world. A little background: before PostgreSQL 10, table partitioning could be done in very limited

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GPDB7: Clustering AO/CO tables

In addition to heap tables, starting from GPDB 7, AO/CO tables can also be clustered. Motivation CLUSTER, in general, ensures that the blocks of a table are physically ordered by the column(s) belonging to a supplied index. It has a direct benefit for tables which loaded in an

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GPDB7: ALTER your table’s storage

Introduction We are introducing a capability to alter the storage characteristics of an already populated table with the ALTER TABLE command in GPDB 7. This means that users can now go from a heap table to an AO or AOCO table (or any manner of combinations of the

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GPDB7: Unique indexes for AO/CO tables

Introduction Unique constraints are a classic relational database feature that ensures uniqueness of a column or a group of columns at data ingress time or at index build time. They can be specified with the UNIQUE / PRIMARY KEY keywords. Unique indexes are the entities that power them.

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