Save the Date for Greenplum Summit 2019! Postgres + AI + Analytics

Greenplum Summit at PostgresConf 2019, March 18 – 22, 2019, Sheraton New York Times Square, New York, NY

Save the date for Greenplum Summit, an event dedicated to Greenplum Database, at PostgresConf 2019. It’s all happening March 18-22 in New York City, and we want you to be part of it!

At Greenplum Summit you will:

  • Learn about our AI and analytics contributions to Greenplum and Postgres
  • Examine advanced customer case studies
  • Develop new skills through in-depth Greenplum tutorials
  • Share emerging best practices in Postgres-based data analytics
  • Envision the future of Greenplum and Postgres while networking with your peers

Greenplum Users: Share Your Story!

The Call for Presentations is open now! Share your story and get a free full conference pass to attend Greenplum Summit and PostegresConf 2019.

Agenda Highlights

  • Monday, March 18 
    • Accelerated, hands-on Greenplum training course – Petabyte Scale Data Warehousing with Open Source Greenplum Database
  • Tuesday, March 19
    • Greenplum Summit – a full day of Greenplum-centric content delivered by Pivotal employees, customers and partners
  • Wednesday, March 20
    • PostgresConf keynotes and sessions
  • Thursday, March 21
    • PostgresConf keynotes and sessions
  • Friday, March 22
    • PostgresConf sessions and career fair

Our Greenplum Summit 2018 Sessions

  • If you are interested in our 2018 sessions, on this page you will find some of the sessions of Greenplum Summit 2018 as well as some content highlighted during the 2018 conference.

Mark your calendar!

  • Mark your calendar for this important event, and stay tuned for session details and a 25% registration discount code. See you in New York!