Huansong Fu

ALTER TABLE in Greenplum 7: Avoiding Table Rewrite

Author | Huasong Fu The ALTER TABLE commands are commonly used for operations like adding columns, changing the column data type, and many more. In many cases, such commands require the whole table to be rewritten while holding an exclusive lock on the table. For large tables this can

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Partition in Greenplum 7: Recursion and Inheritance

The partition hierarchy is often large and complex, and many times need hybrid table properties among different partitions. It is important to understand the recursion behavior in order to get the right partition paradigm that one would like it to be. Similar to our previous blog, this blog is

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Partition in Greenplum 7: What’s New

(Co-authored by Alexandra Wang) Greenplum 7 is a huge milestone for partitioned tables. Besides several improvements and fixes, this is the first Greenplum version that will be aligned with partitioned tables from PostgreSQL world. A little background: before PostgreSQL 10, table partitioning could be done in very limited

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