May 12, 2020

Image Classification in Greenplum Database Using Deep Learning

Authors: Oliver Albertini, Divya Bhargov, Alexander Denissov, Francisco Guerrero, Nandish Jayaram, Nikhil Kak, Ekta Khanna, Orhan Kislal, Arun Kumar, Frank McQuillan, Lisa Owen, Venkatesh Raghavan, Domino Valdano, Yuhao Zhang Abstract: Artificial neural networks can be used to create highly accurate models in domains such as language processing and

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Bottom-up Join Enumeration in a Top-down Optimizer

Authors: Bhuvnesh Chaudhary, Hans Zeller, Sambitesh Dash, Venkatesh Raghavan MAPBU, VMWare Palo Alto CA, USA Abstract: Greenplum Database is a massively parallel processing (MPP) analytics database that adopts a shared-nothing architecture with multiple cooperating processors. A query submitted to the Greenplum master is optimized by the Orca query

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