General Availability of the Heimdall Proxy Community Edition for Greenplum Databases

Heimdall Proxy

What is the Heimdall Proxy Community Edition?

The Heimdall Data offers a database proxy to intelligently manage connections to any SQL database (e.g. Greenplum, Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server). Deployment does not require any application or database changes. The Heimdall Proxy Community Edition is the free version of our database proxy platform.

What are the benefits?

“The Heimdall Proxy improves Greenplum performance up to 100x. Our proxy is deployed between the application and data source to improve query response times (e.g. query caching, connection pooling, batching singleton DML, materialized view offload).”


Where is the Heimdall Proxy Community Edition hosted?

The proxy can be hosted in the cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) or on-premises, and is typically deployed in a separate proxy tier. However, the proxy can run as an agent on a virtual machine or container, either client-side or server-side.

How much does it cost?

The Heimdall Proxy Community Edition is free of charge.

What is the difference between the Heimdall Proxy Community Edition and the commercial, Heimdall Proxy Enterprise Edition?

The following table outlines the features available in the three different editions of the Heimdall Proxy.

Heimdall Proxy Community Edition
Heimdall Proxy Enterprise Edition

Connection Pooling



Active Directory / LDAP Integration

1 LDAP server

Advanced Authentication

Automated Query Caching



Automated Master Write Failover



Technical Support


Enterprise Level

License Download



What is the difference between the Heimdall Proxy Community Edition and open source alternatives (e.g. PgBouncer, PgPool-II)?

The Heimdall Proxy Community Edition supports the following features:

  • Connection Pooling (per user and per database)
  • Authentication and Authorization through LDAP Group/Role synchronization. Instead of pre-configuring users, the Heimdall Proxy synchronizes user information between Active Directory and the database.
  • SQL Performance analytics
  • Database metadata filtering: Improves performance for user-interface tools (e.g. DBeaver)

How do I report bugs or provide feedback?

Please email  Upgrade to the Heimdall Proxy Enterprise Edition for Enterprise level technical support.

Heimdall Proxy Community Edition improves Greenplum database scalability and reliability without the heavy lifting of code development. For more information, contact us at