Massively Parallel Database

for Analytics

A platform for analytics, machine learning and AI 

All The Reasons to Choose Greenplum

Rapidly create and deploy models for complex applications in cybersecurity, predictive maintenance, risk management, fraud detection, and many other areas.


Data Sovereignty

Deploy Anywhere

Greenplum provides you with more control over the software you deploy, supporting bare metal, virtualized environments or the cloud of your choice.


Power at Scale

Petabyte-Scale Data Volumes

With its unique cost-based query optimizer designed for large-scale data workloads, Greenplum scales interactive and batch-mode analytics to large datasets in the petabytes without degrading query performance and throughput.


From BI to AI

All-in-One Environment

Greenplum reduces data silos by providing you with a single, scale-out environment for converging analytic and operational workloads, like streaming ingestion.


Integrated Analytics

Multiple Types of Data

Diverse data types on a single platform (structured, semi-structured, unstructured, vector, or geospatialor graph) wherever the data is located.

Top Features of Greenplum Database®

home mpp

MPP Architecture

All major Greenplum contributions share the same database core, including the MPP architecture, analytical interfaces, and security capabilities.

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Federated Data Access

Query external data sources with the Greenplum optimizer and query processing engine, including Hadoop, Cloud Storage, ORC, AVRO, Parquet and other Polyglot data stores.

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Polymorphic Data Storage

Fully control the configuration for your table and partition storage, execution, and compression. You can choose row or column-oriented storage and processing for any table or partition.

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Integrated In-Database Analytics

Tackle data science from experimentation to massive deployment with Apache MADlib, a library of in-cluster machine learning functions for the PostgreSQL family of databases.

home query

Innovation in Query Optimization

A proven cost-based query optimizer than can scale interactive and batch mode analytics of large datasets in the petabytes without degrading query performance and throughput.

Additional Greenplum Features

Easy Handling of Streaming Data

Get fast event processing and integrate cloud data by querying Amazon S3 objects in place. VMware Greenplum includes Kafka integration certified by Confluent.

Security and Disaster Recovery

Address regulatory requirements with security and authentication features, plus high availability, intelligent fault detection, backup and disaster recovery.

VMware-Certified Blueprint

Use Dell Greenplum Reference Architecture for optimal on-premises deployment. Or use HP- or Cisco-certified configurations or your own commodity hardware.