Hi~~ My system is windows 10, I’m using VirtualBox 6.0 and downloaded the latest sandbox.

The following are what I did step by setp:

(1) Boot up: I cannot upload image but the information on boot up are as follow:

Hostname: gpdb-sandbox.localdomain
GPDB Admin: gpadmin
GPDB Password: pivotal
Tutorial User: gpuser
Tutorial User Password: pivotal

(2) Navigate to pg_hba.conf and add “host all all md5” to the last of it

(3) Navigate to postgresql.conf and add “listen_addresses = ‘*'” to it

(4) Then I loged in the OS and run the following commmand


(5) Then I opened a cmd.exe from my windows and run

psql -U gpadmin -h -p 5432 postgres

(6) The program replies with request for password, then I typed in “pivotal”

And then the program replies with an password authentication failure. Can anyone help me with that so that I can start the first step of the tutorial??

Thanks a lot!

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