14 Mar

PostgreSQL 9.0 is here in OSS Greenplum

On March 10th, Greenplum/PostgreSQL developer, Heikki Linnakangas, announced the completion of merging PostgreSQL 9.0 into the OSS Greenplum project:

We’ve completed merging PostgreSQL 9.0 into GPDB master. 9.0 was a relatively straightforward release. There was a bunch of refactoring needed, as there always is, this time e.g. around rewriting of VACUUM FULL in the upstream. See commit message (https://github.com/greenplum-db/gpdb/commit/e5d17790c185217831828169884f992be32502a6) for details.

Putting a PM hat on for a second: we’ve now merged three major releases in total. We did the 8.3 merge in spring 2016. It took about 6 months. Since then, we’ve done a lot of cleanup, refactoring, and we’ve learned a lot on how to do this. We did the 8.4 merge in about 3 months, and the 9.0 merge in a bit under 2 months.

I love to see the momentum and progress of the engineering team and am confident that Greenplum development is accelerating and the value we can produce for users and customers in the future will increase dramatically.

Some of the features I am really looking forward to from the PostgreSQL merge effort include: performance improvements on low latency queries, Write-Ahead-Log replciation, recursive common table expressions, column and row level security, upsert, materialized views, block range indices and Lidar support with PG Point Cloud! These features will optimize Greenplum for mixed workload (Analytical, Short Query, Transactional), improve high availability and deepen the breadth of analytics that can be done on Greenplum.


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