Greenplum is quickly evolving to meet the needs of the data market. There are a number of ways to keep up-to-date with the latest news and knowledge related to Greenplum. Regardless of your experience with Greenplum, here are some tools and links to help you better understand how to get the most out of your Greenplum database.

Getting Started

Here are some resources that will allow you to hit the ground running with your Greenplum installation.

Greenplum 101

Read and watch a number of key educational resources that will increase your knowledge and understanding of the Greenplum Database.

Get started with Greenplum


Keep up with the latest changes and features through release notes. See how to get started, as well as some best practices for setting up and using Greenplum Database.

Read the documentation


Want some hands-on practice? Start with your own Greenplum environment and test the capabilities.

See tutorials

Additional Materials

Strengthen your Greenplum knowledge.

Greenplum Book

We wrote a book about Greenplum! Read it to understand how to bring the most out of your Greenplum capabilities.

Read the book

Greenplum Wiki

To learn more about the Greenplum code, head over to the wiki page on the Greenplum Github page.

Read the wiki


Watch the Greenplum videos on Youtube to learn how to get the most out of Greenplum, and stay up-to-date with the latest capabilities.

View videos

Greenplum Tools

Gadgets to iron out the kinks.

Memory Calculator

The memory calculator helps the user calculate the amount of memory ton conserve for kernel while maximizing usable memory for GPDB.

Use the memory calculator

Plan Checker

Understand how to optimize your Greenplum queries through the plan checker.

Use plan check

Performance Checker

Run TPC-DS to get a benchmark on your Greenplum cluster and compare it to other clusters.

Download TPC-DS Install Script