Greenplum 101: Getting Started

In the Greenplum community, we really believe in the power of education. Below you will find a number of resources that will increase your knowledge and understanding of the Greenplum Database. Enjoy!


  1. What is Greenplum, Scott Kahler, 10 minutes
  2. Greenplum Fundamentals Video, Marshall Presser, 15 minutes
  3. Hello Greenplum, Bradford Boyle, 40 minutes
  4. The Origin of Greenplum Database, Ivan Novick, Scott Yara, Luke Lonergan, 15 minutes
  5. Greenplum Tutorial for Beginners, Ivan Novick, 100 minutes
  6. About the Greenplum Architecture,
  7. Greenplum 5: Proven, Open-Source, Multi-Cloud Data Analytics Platform, Jacque Istok, 20 minutes
  8. Introducing Greenplum 5, Ivan Novick, 35 minutes
  9. Greenplum Roadmap Update 2019, Ivan Novick, 1 hour
  10. Data Warehousing With Greenplum, Marshall Presser, e-Book


  1. What It Means to be a Massively Parallel PostgreSQL DBA, Pravin Rao and Randy Willard, 30 minutes
  2. About Redundancy and Failover in Greenplum Database,
  3. Starting and Stopping Greenplum Database,
  4. Greenplum psql Client, Michael Goddard, 20 minutes
  5. Greenplum Data Definition Language, Michael Goddard, 30 minutes
  6. Greenplum Data Manipulation Language (DML), Michael Goddard, 30 minutes
  7. Greenplum Storage Consideration, Michael Goddard, 30 minutes
  8. Understanding Data Distribution with Pivotal Greenplum, Dr. Venkatesh Raghavan, 12 minutes
  9. Distribution and Skew,
  10. Greenplum Polymorphic Storage: Row and Columnar Orientation, Keaton Adams, 4 minutes
  11. Default Storage Options, Pivotal Guru
  12. Greenplum Table Compression: On-premises or in the Cloud, Keaton Adams, 10 minutes
  13. Greenplum Database SQL Joins: Overview and Demo, Michael Goddard 20 minutes
  14. Greenplum Database, mixed local data and remote hdfs data as a single table, Scott Kahler, 7 minutes
  15. Going Beyond Structured Data with Pivotal Greenplum, Derek Comingore
  16. Using Resource Groups,
  17. Optimizing Performance of Greenplum, Yon Lew, 1 hour
  18. Backup and Restore Overview,
  19. Configuring Client Authentication,
  20. Creating and Managing Databases,
  21. Creating and Managing Schemas,
  22. How to Integrate Greenplum with Hadoop, Spark, and GemFire, Kong Chan, 40 minutes
  23. Introduction to PXF,
  24. Accessing Hadoop with PXF,
  25. Accessing Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Minio, and S3 Object Stores with PXF,
  26. Accessing an SQL Database with PXF (JDBC),
  27. Loading Data with gpload,
  28. Altered States: Greenplum Alter Table Command, Howard Goldberg


  1. Using Indexes in Greenplum Database,
  2. About GPORCA,
  3. WITH Queries,
  4. Working with JSON data,
  5. High Concurrency, Low Latency Index Lookups with Pivotal Greenplum Database, Gianluca Rossetti


  1. Machine Learning, Graph, Text, Geospatial Analytics on Greenplum, Frank McQuillan and Bharath Sitaraman, 40 minutes
  2. Geospatial Analytics at Massive Scale, Ivan Novick, 1 hour
  3. Introducing Pivotal Greenplum GPText 3.0, Bharath Sitaraman, 15 minutes
  4. Analytics for Synthetic Fraud, Bob Glithero, 10 minutes
  5. Greenplum for Insider Threats – Lateral Movement Detection, Bob Glithero, 3 minutes
  6. Running R Data Science Workloads in Greenplum, Woo Jung, 1 hour
  7. Neural Networks on Greenplum with Apache MADlib, Frank McQuillan, 3 minutes
  8. Deep Learning with Greenplum, Frank McQuillan, 35 minutes
  9. Pivotal Greenplum PL/Container, Jack Wu, 35 minutes
  10. The MADlib Analytics Library or MAD Skills, the SQ, Joe Hellerstein
  11. Greenplum Advanced Analytics Course, 200 slides on Graph, Geo, Python, Time Series, and Text
  12. Github for Greenplum Advanced Analytics Course, sample queries for course above


  1. So you want to build a Greenplum?, Scott Kahler, 1 hour
  2. Greenplum Deployment In The Wild, Jacque Istok, 1 hour
  3. Introduction to Greenplum Building Blocks (Dell Technologies), Jacque Istok, 10 minutes
  4. Greenplum for Kubernetes: Bringing Cloud Databases On-Prem, Oz Basarir, 5 minutes
  5. Pivotal Greenplum in Action on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, Jon Roberts, 20 minutes
  6. Greenplum on Azure Marketplace: Deployment, Jon Roberts, 2 minutes
  7. Greenplum on AWS Marketplace: Deployment, Jon Roberts, 4 minutes
  8. Netezza to Greenplum: The Easiest, Quickest and Best Migration, Jacque Istok, 20 minutes
  9. Install Greenplum OSS on Ubuntu, Ivan Novick


  1. About Greenplum Query Processing,
  2. Understanding the internals of GPORCA Optimizer, Xin Zhang, 1 hour
  3. Orca: A Modular Query Optimizer Architecture for Big Data, Mohamed A. Soliman


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