16 Mar

Greenplum Geospatial Big Data Analytics with PostGIS

Its great to see users who leverage the native Geospatial query capability of Greenplum and PostGIS to solve real world problems.

This video discusses the use case of NICT, a department of the national government in Japan, that is helping their country to better manage weather and traffic conditions using data analytics:

Shipping and Logistical use cases are also great use cases for Greenplum with PostGIS. This is a nice article also show casing how to use Open Source geospatial visualization ontop of Greenplum for real world shipping data. Anthony Calamito from Boundless Geospatial says:

In GeoServer, simply create a new Store using the PostGIS type, and enter the machine details for your Greenplum master host (which appears to clients as just another Postgres database). It really is just that simple. With almost no setup time you are off and running with a scalable GIS to meet your geospatial ‘big data’ needs.

And also for folks who want to see basic examples of how to query geospatial data with SQL on Greenplum check out this video:

One of the things I am looking forward to in the future is the ability to store and analyze LIDAR data in Greenplum.

Because of the voluminous nature of LIDAR data, storing it and processing it, in a big data database, Greenplum, makes a ton of sense.

If you want to learn more and do a hands on tutorial I recommend the online tutorial from Boundless here.

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