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Source Tarballs

Each community release is available as a source code tarball which can be compiled on a number of platforms

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Instructions for compiling source

Pivotal Greenplum
Pivotal offers a fully supported commercial distribution of Greenplum Database with some proprietary addons, both for local download as well as cloud based.

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AWS Marketplace BYOL and On Demand    

Azure Marketplace

Apache Bigtop
Bigtop is an Apache project providing packages for data science and big data tools, Greenplum Database is starting with 5.0.0-alpha supported by Bigtop.


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For users of Ubuntu Operating System, Greenplum can be installed via the apt-get command using the Ubuntu Personal Package Archive system.

Personal Package Archive

How to Install

Docker Images

There are also pre-built Docker images with Greenplum Database.

Docker Hub

Do you know any other distributions? Let us know!