07 May

Data Tells the Community’s Story – Greenplum Summit Highlights!

It has been a little over two weeks since the first Greenplum Summit wrapped and it is my humble privilege to share with you the highlights. Jacque Istok, Head of Pivotal Data, wrote an engaging and passionate post prior to the event commencing. Greenplum Summit is a conference within a conference via PostgresConf which happened in Jersey City in April 2018. Greenplum Summit is where decision makers, data scientists, analysts, DBAs, and developers met to discuss, share and shape the future of advanced open-source data technologies.

One of our core mottos at Pivotal, the backing company of Greenplum, is “Data Tells the Story”. The core meaning of the phrase is self-explanatory yet incredibly powerful, when data is properly collected you can retell the unfolding of events for any entity. Likewise, data told the story for the community activities that went down at Greenplum Summit.

For the Pivotal Greenplum booth, we flipped the script and changed Massively Parallel Processing to Massively Parallel Postgres, both of which are accurate statements by the way! Our crew donned “Data Tells the Story” tees. And who could forget the stylish Greenplum-Green kicks!

We are humbled and grateful as a company for the fanatical support by the open-source PostgreSQL community. Our team is remarkably passionate about designing-and-engineering the world’s most advanced open-source analytical data platform with PostgreSQL. The post-event session recordings can be found here. Until next year!

Derek Comingore

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