Contribute to Greenplum Database

Greenplum Database is the first massively parallel open source data
platform. It is forever changing the data market and we
welcome all contributors that want to be part of this change. Below
are all the ways you can get involved with Greenplum. Development
contributions are encouraged but you don’t have to be a developer;
there are many ways to get involved with Greenplum.

Tell us about your Greenplum experience

Use the
mailing list to share any kind of questions related to
installation, configuration, usage, product documentation or
any other area you might need help with. Feel free to send us
your links to blogs and presentations so we can highlight them
on Alternatively you can also be a part of the
Greenplum discussions on Stack Overflow or the Greenplum Slack channel.

Greenplum code

Do you have an idea for a new feature or bug fix for Greenplum? Please discuss
in the
mailing list or make pull requests on Github.


Are you a Greenplum expert? Want to share your knowledge with
others? We are a collaborative community that shares best

Report bugs

Write an email to

Contribute to Apache MADlib

Apache MADlib is a SQL-based advanced analytics
and machine learning library that works with the Greenplum