Greenplum Database is the first massively parallel open source data platform. It is forever changing the data market and we welcome all contributors that want to be part of this change. Below are all the ways you can get involved with Greenplum. Development contributions are encouraged but you don’t have to be a developer. There are many ways to get involved with Greenplum.


Join us and discuss development in the Dev Google Group or on Slack . Of course you can also get the code and make a pull request on the Greenplum GitHub repository or one of it’s associated projects.

Before you start, please ensure you have done the following:

Give Feedback

Join the Users Google Group to share any kind of questions.
You are also welcome to bring those questions to Slack ( invite ).


Are you a Greenplum expert? Want to share your knowledge with others? We love collaboration and sharing best practices. Please send us your links to blogs and presentations so we can highlight them. Find us on Twitter, YouTube, or attend Greenplum events to learn more.