16 Nov

Sandbox: no supported authentication methods available



I started my VM and got the IP address and login info. I then started the database by running the shell script.

However, i cannot get away from the bash to use write SQL (psql doesnt exist) … I also tried to use putty but i get no supported authentication methods available (even when creating a public/private key)

How do I get started with Greenplum?


I added a new document to the tutorials section

Configuration Files

I think the problem is with the pg_hba.conf as it is configured on your system. Can you take a look at that page and see if that addresses your issue.


hi – psql should be located in the bin directory of the greenplum installation directory (probably /opt/greenplum or /usr/local/greenplum).

it’s been a while, but there should also be a pgadmin gui included I think that should allow you to connect.

in either case, greenplum should be running (you can check for postgres processes) and listening on port 5432 like a normal postgres.

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Any help available?

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