• So the first part of this is that no matter what we do, it will not build with gporca, even when I was able to build the correct version of Orca.
    The instructions I attempted to follow were located […]

  • I use UDF to collect data in parallel only through SQL, and then gather data to operate on the master node.Can UDF be calculated without SQL at all nodes?

  • Thanks Jacque.

    Follow up question: if greenplum prod environment does not provide a data analytics schema or separate environment for DA purpose, is there any other ways to implement the reports logic […]

  • Am trying to build a dynamic data driven data analytics environment with GreenPlum as backend… Any BI tool is recommended as direct app integration? Thanks.

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    gpadmin=# select datname,procpid,sess_id,current_query from pg_stat_activity ;
    warehouse | 43828 | 343292 | copy syncman.tbl_user_account_201712 from stdin

    gpadmin=# select pg_terminate_backend(43828); […]

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    Can Greenplum take advantage of GPU?

  • greenplum version : 5.0
    OS: Red Hat release 6.8

    I am trying to set new values for max_statement_mem and statement_mem but unable to change values.

    I use the following commands to setup new […]

  • Hi,

    I want to download and test the Open source version of GPDB to be able to move on from the Pivotal distribution to the Open source distribution. Is there a TAR ball available to install with […]

  • I would like to know if greenplum database support for a relational database and a object-oriented database.

  • I meets a problem when using the greenplum, and I need help.
    After creating or truncating a table, when I insert or copy some data to the table at the first,
    that won’t be finished in a few minutes.
    And I stop […]

  • asked a new question 5 months ago

    It just doesn’t make sense to me that it could possibly be so fast.